Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Thing - By Delanie Tucker

All alone in a park
In a dwelling of dark
You'll meet the sleepy and creepy old Thing.
It eats colored chalks
and digital clocks
and sofas without any spring.
The Thing takes a snooze
On a pile of red shoes
Every day at a quarter to three
Then it staggers awake
To eat lavender cake
with a fresh pot of hobbyhorse tea.
The Thing might ask you in
for a quick sip of gin
and a talk about the works of Proust
it will discourse full well
on whom Proust in love fell
once its philosopher's passion's been loosed.
Now the Thing can be kind--
when it's of the right mind
it'll tell you of its wife and brood;
but you'd better beware 
if it catches your hair
it's preparing to do something rude.

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